Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marion Ingram Arrested for Attempting to Abduct 11-Year-Old

August 12, 2011

Youth Services detectives this evening are charging 68-year-old Marion Ingram with attempted especially aggravated kidnapping for allegedly trying to grab an 11-year-old boy in Old Hickory Thursday afternoon.

The 11-year-old told officers that he was approaching Ray Avenue on his bicycle when he noticed a blue pickup truck slowly pass him. The boy said when he turned on Ray Avenue, the pickup truck began traveling in reverse following him. The boy pulled into the Ray Avenue driveway of his family’s landlord and knocked on the door. There was no answer. As he walked away from the residence, he no longer saw the truck, but did spot a man hiding behind nearby trees. When the boy went to get his bike, he said the man came toward him, reached out and said, “get in the truck.” The boy said when the man grabbed for him, he kicked the individual in the groin, rode his bike home and told his mother.

The child’s mother said that her son arrived home terrified (slamming doors, shutting curtains and pushing a chair up against the door). When he relayed to her what had happened, the mother and the child got into her car and began searching for the pickup truck. She spotted it on Pitts Avenue. Her son confirmed that the driver was the man who tried to grab him. The mother recorded the license plate number and contacted police.

Detective Mike Clark found the 1972 pickup truck and Ingram this morning at Ingram’s Elm Street home in Madison. Ingram has denied any involvement with the child yesterday; nevertheless, the young man has not wavered in his account to both detectives and his parents. Both the child and his mother identified Ingram from a photo lineup as the man they encountered Thursday.

Anyone with information about any dealings between Ingram and children is urged to contact the Youth Services Division at 862-7417.

This case is not believed to have any connection to recent reported attempted abductions in Clarksville and Mt. Juliet.

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