Job Announcements

New Postal Support Employee (PSE) Positions Coming Soon

This is a courtesy message so you can prepare to apply for the new PSE positions that will be posted online soon at (eCareer). Create your new eCareer profile now so you can apply when the jobs are posted. The initial posting will be for 5 days only. Check often so you don’t miss it.

Note for current or former employees hired from eCareer:

When you were hired and became a temporary employee, the eCareer system converted your online profile to that of an internal employee. eCareer functionality does not allow internal employees to apply for externally posted positions.

You MUST create a new candidate profile with an email address that has not been used before in eCareer. Be sure to test your new email address before applying to make sure it works! Keep your user name and password for future use.

Current postal employees MUST NOT APPLY via LiteBlue.

BEFORE YOU START: We will communicate with you by email concerning your application, so it is very important that you are able to receive our messages. Add the following email addresses to your contact list right away to allow correspondence, especially if you use SPAM blocking software, use a yahoo account, or use a work or military email address!


2) (for assessments/tests/exams)

3) (for background screening).

Check your email daily (inbox, spam, junk, deleted) so you don’t miss time-sensitive messages.

Following are the steps to apply for a position: 1) Create eCareer candidate profile, 2) Log into your eCareer profile using your User name and Password, 3) Search for the vacant position, and 4) Apply for position.

Easy way to search for the position: In the Keywords search field, enter the post office city only and click on Start. For example, Roanoke. Do not include the state or zip code.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive two email messages from You will receive 1) an email message after you create your profile and 2) a second one after you apply for a position. If you only receive the first message, you have not successfully applied.

EXAM GUIDANCE: After applying, you will automatically (instantly) receive an email from All exam communication will be by email messages from this email address.

The exam has two parts. First you will take an online exam from your computer. If you pass the first part, you will automatically be sent an email with links to set up an appointment at a contracted exam center.

You have 14 days to complete the entire exam process. If you do not finish all of the steps in time, you will get an ineligible result and will be removed from consideration for the job.

After the exam is complete, you will be sent an email message from with a link so you can review your results. If you do not pass or do not complete either part of the exam, you cannot take the exam again for 120 days.

PSE positions are temporary appointments for periods not-to-exceed 360 days. Subsequent appointments after a 5-day break in service are not guaranteed and should not be expected because the use of PSEs is discretionary and subject to business needs. Limited benefits include paid vacation days and access to health insurance after the first 360-day term. All clerk casuals must be separated no later than August 23, 2011.