Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tying Nashville's Schools and City Libraries Together

District 29 Neighbors and Friends: Great News! Mayor Karl Dean and the Donna Nicely, Director of Metro Government Libraries, has developed the idea of tying our school libraries with the city's libraries. As outlined in Mayor Dean's letter, the benefits are tremendous for our school children, teachers, support staff and to families. Congratulations to Mayor Dean and Mrs. Donna Nicely for such a great idea. Vivian Tennessean Metro Nashville plans to start consolidating management of its school libraries with its public library system by July 1, Mayor Karl Dean said Thursday in a letter to the school district’s acting director. The consolidation, which will focus first on having the Nashville Public Library buy high schools’ books and other materials, will bring the strengths of a “world-class library system” to the schools, Dean wrote to Chris Henson. Dean said the change would save money, improve quality control over library collections and make checkout systems more efficient. “This is an opportunity to develop the best school library and public library system in the country, and our students and community deserve nothing less,” the mayor wrote. Donna Nicely, the library system’s director, said her staff would start working on the project in earnest in January.

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