Friday, November 21, 2008

Truancy Round-up at McGavock High School

Commander Richter reports the following success roundup. Subject: Hermitage A-Shift, Flex Unit - 11/20/2008 Report Submitted by: ST Mcwright, Jon W, Shift Change Supervisor: n/a Date: Thursday 11/20/2008 Precinct: Hermitage Detail: A-Shift, Flex Unit Major Event Information * Comments * Today, the Hermitage Flex A-Team spent the shift focusing on the juvenile problem of truancy around McGavock High School (3150 McGavock Pk). 15 subjects (12 juveniles and 3 adults) were charged with 18 misdemeanor offenses and 3 warrants/petitions were served. The types of charges and number of each are as follows: (9) Loitering During School Hours, (2) Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, (2) Simple possession/marijuana, (1) Drug Paraphernalia, (3) Apprehended runaway petitions, (1) Trespass, and (3) Driving on Revoked.

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