Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Surviving the Storm...Southeast Weather Workshop

Surviving the Storm...Southeast Weather Workshop 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 23, 2008, Antioch High School Doors open at 6 PM and the first 100 people will get something special from the Channel 4 news team! You have seen the devastation of what Mother Nature can do in the news recent and past. On the coast lines from Texas to Florida, thriving communities have been pounded by storm surges. And, in own Middle Tennessee from Davidson to Macon counties, we have experienced how tornados can rip a community in a blink of an eye. When devastating storms hit what is your plan to get your family out? Do you leave or stay? What should you do if your child is at school when severe storms hit? How can you prepare? The Channel 4 Pinpoint Weather's "Surviving the Storm" workshop can help. "Members of the Channel 4 news and weather team will provide the Southeast community with answers to many of our questions of what to do when severe weather hits and challenge households to have a plan," says Council Lady Vivian Wilhoite who asked Channel 4's Lisa Spencer to conduct their "Surviving the Storm" workshop at the request of one of her constituents, Lena Prince. Come learn valuable life-saving information that will greatly benefit you and your family and meet the Channel 4 news team Lisa Spencer, Dan Thomas, Nancy Van Camp, Tim Ross and SNOW BIRD too. You can also ask your question before the event by going to News Channel 4 link http://www.wsmv.com/weather/15618899/detail.html. Your question will be answered during the workshop. Some lucky attendee will win a pair of Motorola Talkabout EM1000R two way radios. "Surviving the Storm" Weather Workshop 7 pm, September 23, 2008 Antioch High School (auditorium) 1900 Hobson Pike

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