Thursday, September 25, 2008

Roadwork Ahead: Terminal Access Roadway Improvements

Hello Friends: The Nashville Airport Authority send me an email with the below information. I want you to be aware of this vital information.Drive with care! Stay safe! Vivian Nashville International Airport Terminal Access Roadway Improvements ProjectProject Will Revamp Roadways Surrounding Nashville InternationalThe Terminal Access Roadway Improvements (TARI) Project is designed to improve traffic conditions on Ring Road, the one-way road that surrounds Nashville International Airport's current short- and long-term parking facilities and offers access to the terminal. You will notice changes beginning October 6, when Phase I of TARI commences. DRIVING TIPS:Nashville International Airport encourages travelers and guests to enter the airport from Donelson Pike (I-40 exit 216B from the west, exit 216 from the east). Please note that all existing parking lots will remain open during construction: valet parking, short-term parking, long-term parking and economy parking. The cell phone/waiting area also remains available. Ample signage will be in place to direct traffic throughout the airport, including the parking areas and roadways. Please allow extra travel time. Phase I of TARI will be split into three sub-phases: * Sub-Phase I (Oct. 2008-May 2009): Entrance to/from I-40 - currently one lane each way separated by a median - will shift to two-way traffic on one side of the median. The cell phone/waiting area will move to the current economy parking lot and will increase in size. Ticket spitters for short- and long-term parking lots will move. *Sub-Phase II (May-July 2009): Ring Road will be extended and routed through current long-term parking lot. * Sub-Phase III (July-Sept. 2009): Demolition of current cell phone/waiting area; finish roadway tie-ins. For up-to-date information on airport construction, please visit and sign up for AIReport, the airport's e-newsletter. Or, tune in to the airport's radio station at 1610 AM. Some frequently asked questions regarding the Terminal Access Roadway Improvements project: Why are you overhauling the airport's roads? TARI will eliminate the need for vehicles to merge and weave through multiple lanes of traffic on Ring Road, and will improve ingress/egress from both I-40 and Donelson Pike. Who pays for the project?TARI is fully funded through state airport entitlement funds and an airport passenger facility charge, which is a small fee built into every airline ticket. No local tax dollars are involved in the project. How will this affect parking? All existing parking lots will remain open during construction. The economy parking lot will be slightly reduced in size, and the long-term lot will undergo minimal reductions during construction. Nashville International Airport recommends that travelers and guests enter from Donelson Pike.

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