Sunday, June 8, 2008

Metro's gas-saving plan

Reported on WKRN (Channel 2) The city of Nashville is tightening its belt even further, and you won't be seeing as many Metro vehicles around town. Monday, Mayor Karl Dean cut the city's fleet of cars and trucks by 10-percent, or 400 vehicles. It's all about saving money - mostly on fuel. The Mayor also wants department heads to re-evaluate how many of the 900 take-home vehicles can be used less. Metro expects to spend $2-million more for gas this year than they budgeted. General Services Director Nancy Whittemore said, "It's something we all have to deal with at home or at work and it's something that's gone beyond what we thought it would." Metro also plans to replace ageing cars and trucks with smaller vehicles and hybrids. Right now, there are only six hybrids in the fleet. In Metro's Fire Department, 17 employees will lose their take-home cars -- and Metro's fire chief insists the move will not affect public safety. "We're not taking away a car that that's critical to our response for major fire department operations," Fire Chief Steve Halford told News 2. Metro's firefighters will also be encouraged to make fewer trips to grocery stores and restaurants during their extra long shifts. They must use Fire Department vehicles in case a call comes in during their meal.

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