Sunday, June 8, 2008

Help is out there if you need it...

Thank you to everyone leaving comments with help lines that are available. With the gas prices higher then ever, financial problems, layoffs from your jobs, cutbacks, some of us feel like you just cannot take it anymore and need someone to talk to or you might be looking to join a support group. Well, with help from the community and the NAMI Tennessee there are many resources for those looking for help. The following links are to sites that are available through the Tennessee area. I will also post these sites also on the side of the blog. The listing from the NAMI has a long list of resources available...You might want to print and keep handy. - The state's voice on Mental Health -1-800-559-9503 - Nationwide Addiction Treatment Assistance Alcohol and Substance Abuse - Holistic Drug Rehab Center

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