Friday, May 16, 2008

Vandals spray-paint cars in Antioch neighborhood

Reported on WKRN Channel 2 News Residents in one Antioch neighborhood are calling for more police protection after vandals damaged several cars on their street. Several residents on Paddington Way, off Mt. View near Percy Priest Lake, woke up Thursday morning to find their cars spray-painted. Police woke up Samuel Sanford to tell him his truck had been vandalized. He broke the news to his wife, Karla. "He said someone just spray-painted our truck and my stomach just sunk," she said. The Sanford's are not the only ones who woke up with paint on their cars. Every single home on the one side of the street woke up with some kind of vandalism. Vandals hit one mailbox and all of the cars, trucks and SUVs left in the driveway or on Paddington Way. Brian Leedham said it is the fourth time his car has been hit. The vandals wrote the word "Crip" on several cars, further instilling fears of gang violence in some. Leedham, however, isn't convinced. "That's kids being kids," he said. "From my travels, I know what Crips and Bloods look like. Those are just copy cats. Crips and Bloods aren't interested in doing stuff like that." Metro police took pictures of the damage to determine if it is in fact gang activity. To see Video Click Here:

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