Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Third arrest made in Election Commission computer theft

Metro police have made a third arrest in connection with the Christmas Eve theft of two Davidson County Election Commission laptop computers. Brent Russell Rucker, 28, surrendered himself at police headquarters Tuesday. Metro police swore out a warrant for Rucker's arrest late Monday. Rucker, a Portland, Tenn. resident, has been charged with theft. Rucker's bond was set at $2,000. Davidson County Detention Center staff said Tuesday that Rucker's bond was paid shortly before 3 p.m. Rucker will soon be released. On Monday Randal Logan Cheek, 27, was arrested on charges that he knew the stolen laptops were fenced at his business. A router and one of the hard drives were located at the business on Jan. 17 during a police search, according to Metro police. Cheeck was released from custody earlier today after making a $5,000 bond. It was Rucker who allegedly purchased the stolen computer equipment on Christmas Eve, according to police.Rucker is believed to have then sold the laptops to a Goodlesttsville man. Police recovered the laptops from the Goodlettsville man. That man is considered a witness, police said. Robert Osbourne, 45, has admitted committing the actual burgulary and was charged on Jan. 17 in connection with that crime. An $80,000 bond was set for Osbourne, who is homeless. On Jan. 24, Osbourne was transferred to Tennessee Department of Corrections for a parole violation. He will remain in state custody until his trial. Osbourne was scheduled to appear in court this morning but that hearing was postponed.

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Anonymous said...

Brent Russell Rucker is guilty and deserves to go to jail.