Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Computer security expert hired as laptop case broadens

By JANELL ROSS • Staff Writer (Tennessean)• January 30, 2008 On the same day that Metro police made a third arrest in the theft of Davidson County Election Commission laptops, Mayor Karl Dean announced a new hire: a computer security specialist. "While it's unfortunate that it took an incident at the Election Commission office to bring necessary attention to this issue, we now have the opportunity to improve the way sensitive information is handled by Metro, and possibly prevent an even worse situation like this from occurring in the future," Dean said in a news release. Betty Steele, a certified information systems security professional, will recommend systems and data protection changes based on a data security audit completed earlier this month by Information Technology Services, according to the mayor's statement. Dean has also asked Steele to examine the need for an IT security and standards board. Suspect surrenders Also Tuesday, Brent Russell Rucker, 28, surrendered at police headquarters in response to a warrant for his arrest issued late Monday. Rucker, of Portland, was charged with theft. Police say he bought the stolen computer equipment on Christmas Eve. He is believed to have then sold the laptops to a Good lettsville man. That man is considered a witness, police said. Late Monday, Randal Logan Cheek, 27, was arrested on charges that he knew the stolen laptops were fenced at his business. A router and the laptop hard drives were found at the business Jan. 17, according to Metro police. Cheek was released after making a $5,000 bond. Police say Robert Osbourne, 45, admitted stealing the items from the election commission offices. He was charged Jan. 17 in connection with that crime. An $80,000 bail was set for Osbourne, who is homeless. On Jan. 24, Osbourne was transferred to the Tennessee Department of Correction for a parole violation. Osbourne was scheduled to appear in court this morning but that hearing was postponed.

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Brent Russell Rucker is a THIEF and a FRAUD. He deserves to go to jail.