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Former Council Lady Vivian Wilhoite - The Ins and Outs of District 29

Community Meeting Updates held @ Priest Lake Presbyterian Church - August 25, 2011

Updates were provided on the Southern Hills initiative - Southern Hill's CEO Thomas Ozburn and Outreach Coordinator Emily Summers presented information about the renovation happening at Southern Hills. Open invitation was given to stop by for a tour. They also conveyed their interest in the southeast community and would be working to bring immediate health care services to the area. They have brought 55 acres in the Antioch area but ask the community residence for additional ideal locations. Lots of questions were asked. This is a great opportunity for community input.

New Fire Hall-Engine 33/35 for District 29

It was never intended for Engine 33/35 to be in one location - Also at the community meeting, David Heflin, General Services for Metro, conveyed the good news that we will be getting a new fire hall. The new fire hall will replace the old fire hall and remain located on Forest View Drive. The planning stage will include community input. I requested that the plans include a community room for meetings and fellowship. Ground breaking is expected to occur in about 6 months. Both engines will be housed at the Forest View location until the improvements are completed.

Capital Improvement Requests

Budget Years

July 1, 2004 - July 1, 2011

These were requests that I provided in the capital improvement over the 8 years. We were able to get some of the items done in part, full or it is in progress.


Establish a new nine bed pediatric unit and facility upgrades
for Women's Health Program at General Hospital 2,500,000

Establish a monument in honor of the sit-in and freedom riders 500,000

Establish an historical marker placed at the former Greyhound bus station 200,000

Establish a swimming pool at the proposed Hickory Hollow

Community Center 500,000


Establish street lighting along Nashboro Boulevard 200,000

Establish street lighting from Flintlock Court to Musket

Tray Street 200,000

Installation of emergency sirens at the pumping station on

Smith Springs Road 25,000

Installation of safety cameras at Bell Road and Murfreesboro Road and Murfreesboro Road and Anderson Road 30,000


Establish fire hall renovations at Engine Company 33/35 5,000,000

Establish renovations to Lakeview Elementary School 4,000,000

Establish the purchase of television for Food Commodity Waiting Area-Health Department 1,000

Establish advertisement rack for Food Commodity Waiting

Station-Health Department 200

Establish community meeting room and landscaping for neighborhood convenience center in District 29 1,750,000

Establish community pool at Southeast Community Center 1,000,000

Establish signalization at Castlegate and Smith Springs Road 75,000

Establish signalization at Forest Cove on Anderson Road 75,000

Establish crosswalks on Anderson Road at Smith Springs Road, Priest Lake at Whorley, and the 4-way stop at Bell Road and Edge-O-Lake 6,000

Establish signalization on Bell Road at Bayview/Harbor Lights 75,000

Establish Community Meeting Room at Firehall on Forest View Dr. 6,000,000

Establish sidewalks on Hamilton Church Road from Murfreesboro Road to Owendale 60,000

Establish three additional picnic pavilions and electronic scoreboard At Una Recreation Park 125,000


Establish senior and youth full community center with pool,meeting rooms and walking trail 5,000,000

Establish brick gateway entrances at Bell Road and Smith Springs Road; Bell Road and Murfreesboro Road; Faircloth and Old Murfreesboro Road and Murfreesboro Pike and Murfreesboro Road 60,000

Establish installation of EMS siren at the Pumping Station on Smith Springs Road 25,000

Establish installation of safety cameras at Bell Road and Murfreesboro Road and Murfreesboro Road and Anderson Road 30,000


Establish sidewalks from Smith Springs Road/Anderson Road intersection to the terminus of Anderson Road 1,900,000

Establish fire hydrant on Whorley Drive 500,000

Establish Neighborhood Watch signs for District 29 5,000

Moved salt bin from Smith Springs Road to unused park property (Request made to move to an interstate intersection) 100,000


Established Una Elementary Renovation 796,000

Upgrade of Una Recreation Center 1,000,000

Established land purchase and installation of welcome sign at Intersection of Old Murfreesboro Pike and Murfreesboro Road 60,000

Established Smith Springs Road-Construct Bell Road to Anderson Road 370,000

Established Smith Springs Road-Construct Anderson Road to Hobson Road 7,500,000

Established stormwater drainage, clean and widen Mill Creek from Castlegate to Lake Terrace (Metro Water is doing what they can to keep these areas cleaned out) 500,000

Established stormwater drainage, clean and widen Mill Creek at Owendale Drive (Metro Water is doing what they can To keep these areas cleaned out) 60,000

Established stormwater drainage, clean and widen Mill Creek At Rural Hill Road from Bell Road to Smith Springs Road (Metro Water is doing what they can to keep these areas cleaned out) 400,000

Bolded blue items were done in part/full or presently in progress.

High Grass Everywhere!

Public Works will be cutting the high grass on Smith Springs Road, specifically near the Water Station, in a couple of days, possibly by this Friday, Sept 2.

Codes have reported that Nashboro Village in the area where development has stopped but gets overgrown from time to time was cut on Monday, August 28th.

FYI, as of July 1, 2011, high grass complaints are now handled by Codes and no longer by the Health Department.

Save the Date!

The Alliance of District 29 Great American Clean-up
October 15, 2011

More information to Come

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I am committed to public service. With that said, I will be seeing you again.


Vivian Wilhoite

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