Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lights on Nashboro Blvd

In the area where I live, we (all Nashboro associations) have been working to try to light up this very dark area. I was able to get Nashville Electric Service to establish lighting where there were none at the entrance of Flintlock from Nashboro Boulevard. We continued to work on lighting on Nashboro Boulevard. Some neighbors did not want the wooden poles that Public Works were prepared to install. Some wanted the underground lighting. Our association chose to pay for the underground lighting that Public Works would not do. On April 20, 2011, I sent an email to the Nashboro Village residents to let them know what the mini flags were on Nashboro Boulevard. The mini flags have now become beautiful, decorative light poles. Put on your shades, because the lights will be bright and nice. Below is excerpt from my April 20th email.

"Hello Nashboro Neighbors: I have been asked by a number of residents what are the mini flags on Nashboro Boulevard all about and what is being dug-up. A couple of weeks ago, I confirmed with Public Works that the installation of the wooden poles lights project was still temporarily on hold. Why? I had heard from a number of Nashboro neighbors that wanted the needed lighting but did not want the wooden poles. I felt that it was necessary to hold up on the project to get a consensus from the community. Needed lighting on Nashboro Boulevard has been an important request for a number of years now. In the meantime over the last year, our Masters Association was attempting to work a deal with Metro or maybe do the project without metro.

Our Masters Association* for Nashboro Village have taken the steps necessary to install the needed lighting on Nashboro Boulevard with underground wiring. They have made the right decision in the interest of safety while keeping the anesthetics of our community looking beautiful. I spoke with the contractor that was hired by our Masters Association, Dayton E. Wauford. He stated that the lighting poles will be very nice with underground lighting. He expects the poles should be up by mid May. The poles will be on both sides of the Nashboro Boulevard where they have identified the need for lighting. According to Mr. Wauford the old decorative poles that exist could be used."

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