Monday, April 11, 2011

Messages From Council Lady Wilhoite

Dear District 29 Neighbors and Friends: Crime is happening all over Nashville. We have worked hard to keep our community informed, safe and clean with our neighborhood watch & associations groups and individually, being a good neighbor looking out for each other. There have been times that our community would not experience events then all of a sudden, it happens. And then it happens again, a break-in here and a break-in there with other increasing events. Yes, crime is happening in other Davidson County communities, but it does not seem like it when it is repeatedly happening in ours. To that end, I have set another crime meeting. As promised, the meeting is set for 6:00 pm, Monday, April 11, 2011 at Lakeview Elementary, 455 Rural Hill Road in Nashville. I have invited Commander Michele Donnegan and her staff to come and talk with us about some of the recent events that have occurred in and around our community. Please come to hear from our fine public safety officials, and to provide them with your concerns as well. No dog and pony shows will be provided. Just straight talk about what our hardworking Metro Police Department of Hermitage Precinct is doing to keep our neighborhood safe and clean. See you at the meeting! Gratefully, Vivian Catch the BusLink..Save Gas, Save Mother Earth, Relax At the beginning of the meeting (about 10 minutes) there will be a brief presentation from Metro Transit Authority (MTA) about an excellent and new service called "BusLink," established just for southeast Davidson. Clink here to learn more before the meeting SAVE THE DATES 9:00 am - 1:30 pm April 16, 2011 Southeast Easter Egg Hunt@Antioch Community Center May 14, 2011 Alliance of District 29 Great American Green Clean-up

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