Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Photos from The Party Part 3

In this picture, there are three plus one....Oh I just love it. Hey isn't that the baby from the commercial who tries to buy stocks from his baby crib and his Mother comes along and takes away his stock sheets? A celebrity in the making!
The "S" girls....Sussey and Stinson! You are great! In this cute couple how many do you see? I'll give you a hint....two plus one. LOL. Congratulations!
It's beginning to look a lot like Stinsons...everywhere I go! LOL I must have that party hat Ms. Conley! Another BEAUTIFUL District 29 family. Thank you for your friendship and support! Danguire and friend poses for a photo opt. I think that could be her sister...both with beautiful smiles! Nashboro Woods members excited about the gathering as other association and watch groups fellowship. Now that's the cute Edge O Lake Association family with the cutest little ones peeking through the snowflake! Now they are a cute Sharp family!

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