Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mayor Believes Hickory Hollow Mall Plan Will Be Approved

Channel 5 Posted: Nov 05, 2010 9:37 PM CDT NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Metro council member used an obscure rule to delay plans to renovate the Hickory Hollow Mall, but Mayor Karl Dean said he is hardly discouraged by the move. The first reading of the proposal was deferred at Thursday's Metro Council meeting. Dean believes it's only a matter of time before an overhaul of the troubled mall is approved. The Mayor has been one of the biggest supporters of the plan from the very beginning. He said Metro Councilman Jim Gotto's decision to stall the proposal doesn't change a thing. "This is a technicality. People know this is a win-win for both communities and is good for the city of Nashville," said Mayor Dean. Gotto invoked "Rule 12" at Thursday's meeting, which said a bill cannot be introduced on nights when there is a public hearing. The Hickory Hollow proposal would move many of the services offered at the old fairgrounds to the struggling mall, in addition to adding a health clinic and a library. The relocation would help Dean push forward on his plans to renovate the old fairgrounds property. While some Antioch residents are opposed to the proposal, Dean insists the measure is roundly approved by the community. "The word I get from the Hickory Hollow folks and the chamber there is they are in favor of it. They want parks, a library, a health center. There's a vocal minority but most know that jobs and services are good," said Mayor Dean. Gotto said he delayed the vote in an effort to make sure the council can talk through all of the issues surrounding the bill. Meanwhile, fellow council member Duane Dominy has a proposal that would keep the fairgrounds open until a more definitive plan is in place for the property The Hickory Hollow Mall proposal could go before the council at their November 16 meeting.

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