Monday, November 22, 2010

High Profile Murder Conviction Questioned

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Kelley Cannon is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband. NewsChannel 5 has learned a legal challenge is in the works strongly questioning her conviction. Most people will remember the high profile trial. A mother of three convicted of murdering her husband, prominent lawyer Jim Cannon, inside their Green Hills home. One of Cannon's attorney's makes some serious charges in a court filing - claiming the fix was in against his client from the very beginning. "Everything I've seen they considered her to be guilty from the start and every effort was to prove her guilt," said attorney Andy Cate. Cate said he filed a strongly-worded motion in Circuit Court alleging misconduct by police, prosecutors and Jim Cannon's family's attorney John Hollins, Jr. To quote from the document: "Mr. Hollins used the emotionally charged and highly publicized nature of the case and the public sentiment he rallied through the media to persuade police and prosecutors to pursue a number of criminal charges against Ms. Cannon. It's baffling how such blatant, repeated and even compounded constitutional and civil rights violations could occur and go unchecked in this day and time." "She was tried for five days before a criminal jury and they convicted her in less than an hour. To me, in my opinion, that means that they believed there was overwhelming evidence of her guilt and that's why she was convicted," said Hollins, Jr. Cate said he knows he could be putting his law license on the line by accusing others in the case of misconduct. He said he'll prove it as the legal case moves forward. Legal experts said he better be able to because he's making some strong accusations. To this point, there's been no evidence prosecutors, police or anyone else did anything wrong in connection with the Cannon case. For now Cate is handling the civil side of Cannon's wrongful death case. He believes someone else killed Jim Cannon and Cate said he'll prove it.

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