Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where to get advice on Medicare health, drug plans

Tennessean October 20, 2010 Resources to compare Medicare health and prescription drug plans, find other answers. MedAssurance: nonprofit provides Medicare help. Contact: Mary Beth Best, 615-788-5925 Tennessee State Health Insurance Program: Call the helpline, 1-877-801-0044. Medicare toll-free info line: 1-800-MEDICARE. Medicare Rights Center: Consumer hotline, 1-800-333-4114 SAMPLE: MIXED BAG ON COSTS Charles M. Jones, a 65-year-old retired hospital executive, must pick another Medicare Advantage plan because HealthSpring will discontinue his old one next year. Costs under a new plan he’s considering are similar to his current payments. Category Old plan 2011 plan Monthly premium: $26; $26 Doctor’s visit (co-pay): $15; $10 Specialist (co-pay): $30; $40 Hospital stay (per admission): $225; $300 SOURCE: CHARLES M. JONES / HEALTHSPRING

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