Sunday, October 17, 2010

Metro police inform residents on gang related activities

Posted: Oct 16, 2010 7:10 PM CDT Antioch residents learn about gang activities 1:46 Antioch, Tenn. – Metro police held a presentation to inform people about gang related activities on Saturday morning. Dozens of Antioch residents attended the presentation, which was held at the Spirit of Life Church, to learn more about gang issues. The presentation consisted of a slide show that showed the history of gangs and also explained gang hand signs, colors and symbols used by gang members. "It really concerns the citizens when they start seeing these [gang] names, whatever gang name they use. People don't know the symbols," Councilman Robert Duvall told News 2. Metro police explained to attendees that not all graffiti is gang symbolism. "It's not all gang related, but it is all vandalism, so it is important to get that taken care of," Sergeant Suzanne Stephens told News 2. Most of the citizens that attended Saturday's meeting not only fear gang-related activity, but also have sympathy for the kids that get involved with gangs. "Kids start getting into gangs because they are intimidated, because they are not feeling loved," meeting attendee Linda Polk said, adding, "It's up to adults to start stepping up and letting these kids know we do them." Brother Craig Schaub is the pastor of the Spirit of Life Church where Saturday's meeting was held. He told News 2 he feels that kids are getting involved with gangs due to deterioration of families. "Everyone is looking for someone to look up to," Schaub said. He said that if children can't look up to someone at home, then they will look elsewhere.

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