Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Thank You from the Mayor

I want to personally thank you for volunteering your service during one of our city’s most challenging times. Your efforts to help others in need further exemplify Nashville’s strong spirit and desire to persevere. We have been called one of the friendliest cities in America, and we’re the capital of the Volunteer State. But those are more than just titles now. Others around the country, and even the globe, now view Nashville as a city full of people who care for and support each other. And as mayor, I can’t imagine a better reputation for our city to have.

Even more importantly, your work has helped those who’ve been affected by the flood come through this disaster with a feeling of hope. As I’ve visited neighborhood after neighborhood, I’ve seen some tears and certainly there is concern about the challenges still ahead. But more than anything, I’ve been greeted with smiling faces and citizens with a new sense of optimism about the city in which they live.

Nashville was a great city before the flood, and we’ll be an even greater city after we recover. And you, as a volunteer, are a big part of making that happen.


Karl F. Dean

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