Friday, May 14, 2010

Mayor Orders Audit of Nashville's Crime Stats

Channel 5 Posted: May 14, 2010 5:06 PM CDT Nashville Mayor Karl Dean former chief Ronal SerpasBy Phil Williams Chief Investigative Reporter Nashville Mayor Karl Dean is calling for an independent audit of how Nashville reports crime statistics. It follows a NewsChannel 5 investigation of The Truth About Crime. That investigation raised questions about claims by former chief Ronal Serpas to have cut crime for six straight years. The mayor says it's important to clear up any confusion about those stats. A news release from the mayor's office reads: "There have been questions raised in the public about the validity of Nashville's crime statistics," Dean said. "Public safety is a top priority, and it's just as important that people feel they are safe. We as a government, and the public, need to know where we stand. An internal audit of Metro's crime reporting will be constructive to have and review." Dean's letter to the Office of Internal Audit outlines a request to review and analyze the methodology used by MNPD to collect and report data on crime, compare that methodology to other police departments, and recommend any changes and the purpose for making changes in the way MNPD produces crime report statistics. "I am glad Mayor Dean has decided to conduct this audit," Interim Police Chief Steve Anderson said. "I am confident with the data as it is reported, but I want everyone else to be confident with it as well. If there's anything we can learn from it and improve, we will."

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