Friday, May 14, 2010

FEMA District 29 Meeting

FEMA District 29 Meeting tomorrow, Friday, May 14th Priest Lake Presbyterian Church 2787 Smith Springs Road 6 pm - 7 pm Over the last couple of weeks, the Nashville - Davidson County community worked diligently together to restore our homes and city. In speaking with one of our District 29 neighbors on Tuesday, she asked that I conduct a meeting for our District although we were not affected as compared to some of the most devastated parts of Nashville. Such a meeting will allow for residents who we did not know was affected to obtain direct response to their questions and concerns. So I quickly requested a meeting and the FEMA organization responded. I hope you can attend. The Small Business Administration will also be on hand. FEMA representatives will also be on hand at our Great American Clean-up on May 22nd.

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