Wednesday, February 24, 2010


DATE: February 23, 2010 CONTACT: Eileen Crane at 615-353-3545 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDUCATION/BUSINESS

Nashville State Community College announced today that it has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a site in Antioch to lease or purchase as a permanent location to serve students in the Antioch area. The RFP envisions a 40,000 square feet facility with classrooms, labs and office space that will accommodate what college officials project will be a 1,200 student campus. NSCC President George Van Allen says the reason is growth. "We require more classrooms and must find the most economical way to develop them. Developing a facility in Antioch has the advantage of lower cost and places us in an area where many of our students call home.

For many students, that will eliminate the inconvenience and expense of cross-town commuting." The college analyzed the zip codes of all its students to determine a location for off campus development to alleviate the space problems experienced on the main campus. Roughly one third of main campus students live in the Antioch area. No other areas approached this volume of students making Antioch the obvious area for expansion. NSCC's fall 2009 enrollment at all locations was over 9,400 students, more than 7,200 of whom attended the main campus in Nashville. The proposed Antioch campus is expected to have a wide range of general education and developmental classes. Nashville State is looking for a site that can be ready as soon as November 1st so students might begin attending with the spring 2011 semester. Proposals will be due on March 22. Details regarding the RFP are available on the college's website at, and in the legal notices of the Tennessean February 24 and February 26 editions.

More information regarding the RFP can also be obtained by contacting Julia Covington at Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects in Nashville at 615-837-0656.

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