Tuesday, February 2, 2010

COA Scam of the Month

Hello District 29 Neighbors: Below is an alert from the Council on Aging (COA). Please beware! Vivian COA Scam of the Month February 2010 Don’t Buy the Sob Story! Backgrouund information This scam occurred in West Nashville during January 2010.
The Scam At 8:00 a.m. an elderly person answered the door at their home and a man asked for money for his sick wife. When the victim came back to the door with her wallet, the man took all of the victim’s money from the wallet and fled. Prevention Never allow unknown persons into your home Don’t bring out a wallet or purse to help the person pay for an “emergency.” Offer to call the police for the person if there is an emergency situation. Don't let them in. The police can assist the person and take them to an agency who can help. A scammer will flee if you offer to call the police for help.
Source: Metro Nashville Police Department, West Precinct

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