Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Neighborhood Alert RE: Gasoline Theives

I received the following email alert from District 29 Neighborhoods in the Cedar Cliff area. Take Care and Beware. Gratefully, Council Lady Vivian Wilhoite "URGENT ALERTS" thieves in our area gas robberies from the gas tanks from our cars. We have been robbed several times gas from our mini Dodge Grand Caravan, we have parked most of the time, on our driveway. We think these people are most probably from our neighborhood of Cedarcliff Court because they know our movements. Other areas in Nashville criminals robbing and killing people pretending and claiming they are from the CENSUS BUREAU, they knock on the houses, people open the door, and these criminals immediately push the people inside their homes and enter and kill and rob the people. "We wish you a "VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR" Maria and Exavier

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