Friday, October 2, 2009

Nashville police hold sketch of suspect in stabbing-kidnapping case

By Chris Echegaray • THE TENNESSEAN • October 2, 2009 Investigators have a sketch of a suspect in the stabbing of Maria Gurrolla in her South Nashville home Tuesday and abduction of her newborn baby. But police are not ready to release the sketch to the public, Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said at a Thursday press conference. There are numerous leads, police say, but investigators are still puzzled over the motive for the abduction. Yair Anthony Carillo, who is a week old today, has been missing since Tuesday, when his mother was attacked. Gurrolla, described her attacker as a heavy-set, blonde white woman. The 30-year-old mother was stabbed nine times during the abduction, suffering deep wounds and a collapsed lung. The stranger identified herself as an immigration agent, Gurrolla said, and said she was there to arrest Gurrolla. The woman then attacked Gurrolla with a butcher knife. Aaron refused to say whether anything else was taken from the home. However, after the attacker took the baby, she also grabbed a cell phone from the house, Gurrolla's cousin said. The abductor has not called, the family said. "We're still upset," said Norma Rodriguez, a relative, "but we're holding in there." Crime scene analysts, TBI agents and local police were at the East Ridge Drive home again on Thursday afternoon, looking for evidence. A task force of local police, TBI and FBI agents is working the case. Investigators recanvassed the neighborhood. Initially, the search was focused on a driver of a dark-colored Kia Spectra that appeared to follow Gurrolla as she left a Walmart on Nolensville Road on Tuesday. Police describe the driver of that car as a possible witness.

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