Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Person of interest' in abduction caught in NY; baby still missing

Tennessean A Lebanon woman named a "person of interest" in the abduction of a newborn from Nashville has been found in New York State. However, the baby boy -- Yair Carillo -- was not with her, Metro Police said. Investigators began looking for 30-year-old Lisa Sampson on a tip late Tuesday after the baby was forcibly taken and his mother was stabbed at her home. The mother, Maria Gurrolla, was recovering Wednesday at Vanderbilt University Medical Center from approximately eight stab wounds. Police said the child was taken by a white female who was posing as an immigration worker. She had come to the home and demanded Gurrolla give her the baby. Gurrollo was stabbed when she refused. Nashville police said the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI are aiding in the investigation. Police did not say where in New York Sampson was found. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED Metro police, the TBI and the FBI are searching for a Lebanon woman in the abduction of a 4-day-old baby taken from his South Nashville home Tuesday afternoon after a brutal attack on his mother. A citizen's tip helped police identify Lisa Sampson, last known to have lived on Sugar Flat Road, as a person of interest in the kidnapping. Sampson is described as 5feet, 6 inches tall, weighing 225 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call the police or 1-800-TBI-FIND. The baby's mother, Maria Gurrolla, 30, told investigators that a white woman in her 30s with blond hair knocked on her door about 2:30 p.m. and claimed to be an immigration agent. She asked to see the new mother's immigration papers. Gurrolla let her inside, and the woman attacked her with a butcher knife. Gurrolla "was stabbed multiple times," said police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford. The mother ran out a side door. She knocked on Eric Peterson's front door, three houses down on East Ridge Drive. At first, Peterson said he thought Gurrolla was playing a prank on him, but then he got a good look at her. "She had stab wounds from head to toe," Peterson said. "She was telling me to go get (her) babies and that a lady attacked her in her kitchen." Mumford said Gurrolla's attacker was still in the house when she ran out. Gurrolla told investigators she saw a black four-door car resembling a police sedan parked in her driveway. By the time Peterson got to the home the car was gone and so was Gurrolla's son, Yair Anthony Carillo, born Friday in Baptist Hospital. Peterson found Gurrolla's 3-year-old daughter outside the house. "I wasn't sure if she could speak English, so I told her to come on, and I didn't have to say it again," Peterson said. "She jogged behind us back to the house." Condition is criticalMoments later, an ambulance arrived and took Gurrolla to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where she remains in critical condition with stab wounds to the head, neck, breast and thigh, her family said. As investigators worked behind a blue sign saying "It's a boy" in the front yard and yellow crime scene tape surrounding Gurrolla's home, her husband of four years, Antonio Carillo, and her cousin Jessenia Sigala watched. "I was with her all morning," Sigala said. "I left for a job interview and this happened." Carillo said his wife had been receiving strange phone calls for about two days before the incident. "They would call from a private number and make weird sounds then hang up," Sigala said. "They just thought it was someone playing a prank, so they stopped answering them." Police said Gurrolla's injuries were not life threatening and that she was talking to detectives at the hospital. Sigala said she was certain the announcement sign in the front yard played a role in the abduction. "Nobody knew outside the family that he'd been born," she said. "They just got out of the hospital last night. "All I'm thinking is about the baby. Is he eating? Is he okay? Is he alive?"

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