Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Low Mid-State gas prices to stick around, experts say

WKRN News Channel 2 NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A new report suggests low gas prices in Nashville and surrounding areas won't be going anywhere anytime soon. According to analysts, the United States last week saw the first increase in oil supply since July and crude prices are down. Fuel prices are down nationwide and will continue to drop for a least the next couple of weeks, according to analysts. In Tennessee, the decrease is happening at a faster rate than nationwide. Tennessee drivers said they are happy to see the lower prices but think they still could be lower. "Still a lot when you think about it," said Tennessee driver Marquita Holmes. "With the economy, you just work with the best way you can and you got to go to work, you got to buy the gas, be it $4 or $2." Holmes also said since last year, she has been able to go visit her family more often because of the big difference in gas prices from 2008. According to AAA, in September 2008, the average price of regular fuel grad gasoline in Nashville was $4.09 per gallon. The average price this year is $2.37 per gallon. Analysts attribute the vast difference in prices to the active hurricane season of 2008. The hurricane season in 2009 has been very inactive and analysts said as far as prices at the pump are concerned, no hurricane news is good news. Find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, visit

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