Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shift of Assignments -involving nine police department commanders and captains

Hello District 29: It really saddens me to inform you that Commander Michelle Richter has been changed to command the West Precinct. I am sure that you would join me in saying that Commander Richter has been extremely responsive to our community from increasing efficient response times to calls from southeast citizens to ensuring knowledgeable representation at community meetings (sometimes serving as speaker herself) to answering emails in the wee hours of the late night and very early morning. She is dynamic. Thank you Commander Richter for your service. We know that you will continue to do a great job along with fellow police officers of West precinct. The West is getting one of our best jewels. Gratefully, Vivian Vivian Metro Councilmember,District29 Look me up on Facebook! Dear Community Members and Leaders, I would just like to take the time to let you know that I appreciate all of your effort and support throughout the years on working together to make the Hermitage Precinct Community a safe area. A strong partnership is valuable towards a successful future. I have been blessed to serve this community and it has been an honor. I have been called upon to start another challenge in my career which is to serve the West community. Though I will truly miss being a part of this community I believe the new commander, Todd Henry, will do a great job. He stays active within the community and comes with leadership experience. I am confident that he will work well with all of you and even bring in a new fresh perspective for the community. I wish you the best!! Sincerely, Commander Michelle Richter June 24, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chief Ronal Serpas today announced a shift of assignments involving nine police department commanders and captains effective July 1 in keeping with his commitment to broaden the management experience of precinct and division leaders. “As I told all of our captains and commanders more than one year ago, it is vitally important for a police department our size to develop the careers of senior leadership by exposing them to the challenges and rewards of managing various police department components during their tenures,” Chief Serpas said. “Too often in police work, precinct and division-level managers become stagnant by staying in one assignment for decades. That practice is a disservice to not only the employees, but the citizens we serve.” “A number of the persons transferring to new assignments have been in their current positions for several years. I have every expectation that all will be very successful in their new roles.” The nine captains and commanders taking on new assignments are: Captain Todd Henry, who currently oversees the Specialized Investigations Division, will become the Commander of the Hermitage Precinct. Commander Michelle Richter, who currently oversees the Hermitage Precinct, will become the Commander of the West Precinct. Captain Paul Trickey, who currently oversees the Strategic Development Division, will become the Captain over the Specialized Investigations Division. Commander Mickey Miller, who currently oversees the West Precinct, will become the Captain over the Warrants Division. Captain Karl Roller, who currently oversees the Warrants Division, will become the Captain over the Identification Division. Captain Mike Hagar, who currently oversees the Identification Division, will become the Captain over the Strategic Development Division. Captain Rita Brockmann-Baker, who currently oversees the Domestic Violence Division, will become the Executive Officer in the Administrative Services Bureau. Captain Michelle Donegan, who is currently a Field Supervisor, will become the Captain over the Domestic Violence Division. Captain Ben Dicke, who is currently the Executive Officer in the Administrative Services Bureau, will become a Field Supervisor.

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