Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pools Remain Open Despite Noncompliance

Metro Complex Pools Built Before 1995 Can Stay Open If Sign Posted Reported By Larry Flowers _ Channel 4 News POSTED: 3:49 pm CDT June 12, 2009 UPDATED: 7:08 pm CDT June 12, 2009 NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Kate Mosley loves lying around poolside, catching some sun and reading. But when she read a sign at her condo's pool that said "This swimming pool does not comply with the minimum standard with the Tennessee Department of Health," she said she didn't think anything of it. "I guess it's partially a problem, since I pay my HOA fees to fix that," said Mosley. Condos and Homeowner's Association pools built before 1995 in Metro are allowed to post the signs even if the pool doesn't meet Department of Health safety guidelines. If an inspector finds a major violation, the complex is notified and has 10 days to correct the problem. Even if the problem isn't corrected, state law allows for the signs to be posted, and the pool can remain open. If a violation occurs and is not fixed within 10 days at a complex built after 1995, the Department of Health will shut the pool down until it's repaired. "It can be no chlorine in the pool, broken glass in the pool (or) they don't have the correct life-saving equipment," said environmentalist Tommy Eubanks. Councilwoman Vivian Wilhoite wants to see that changed. "I know it would be very concerning to anyone that a pool is not in compliance," she said. That's why she introduced a resolution that, if passed by the City Council, would ask the Tennessee General Assembly to repeal the state law that allows these multi-family residential pools to remain open. "It's better that we repeal that law, make all of our pools safe so that our families and children are safe," said Wilhoite. Just like restaurants receive an inspection report, so do pools. To see video regarding this story and to see a list of pools affected go to:

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