Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New principals appointed in Metro schools

Tennessean June 24, 2009 Many Metro students will see new faces in the principal's office this fall. The district has announced principal appointments for 15 elementary schools, five middle schools and one high school. These changes are in addition to eight principal appointments that had been announced earlier. The elementary school appointments to or from schools in North and East Davidson County include: • Stephen Caraway to Norman Binkley from Whitsitt. • Michael Ross to Caldwell from Napier. • Renita Perkins to Chadwell from Cumberland. • Bertha Brown to Cumberland from Inglewood. • Clementine Chamberlain to Inglewood from Chadwell. • Debra Smith to Jones Paideia from Central Office. • Carol Hammond to McGavock Elementary from Norman Binkley. • Sharon Williams to Napier from McGavock Elementary. • Rob Hancock to Old Center from Brookmeade, which closed at the end of the school year. • Thelma Smith to Ross, from Cora Howe, which closed at the end of the school year. • Pam Greer to Shayne from Jones Paideia. • Dianne Gilbert will remain at Shwab, which is being fresh started for the 2009-2010 school year. • Amelia Brown to Una from Ross. • Carlos Comer to Whitsitt from Caldwell. In middle schools, the principal appointments include: • Karen Bryant to Litton from John Early. • Jeanna Collins to Oliver from Ewing Park, which closed at the end of the school year. • Beverly Bell, principal at Cameron Middle, will remain at that school, which is being fresh started for the 2009-2010 school year. The school district had already announced the appointments of Mary Nollner to Antioch Middle, Tonya Dennis to John Early and Dr. Nancy Meador to Madison. In high schools: • Darwin Mason will become principal of Cohn Alternative Learning Center, as well as remaining as principal of Cohn Adult High School. The district had already announced new principals Robbin Wall, from Irving, Texas, at McGavock High; Hamilton County's Stephen Ball as principal of East Literature Karl Lang at Whites Creek; and Elaine Fahrner and Larry Saunders at the Academy at Cockrill and the Academy at Opry Mills, two new adult high schools opening this fall. The new appointments will take effect by July 1.

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