Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Metro Nashville teachers get chance to boost pay

Contract includes bonus pay to work at certain schools By Jaime Sarrio • THE TENNESSEAN • June 17, 2009 Metro Nashville teachers next year will receive more pay for summer school and after-school tutoring, a chance to earn bonus pay for after-hours training and a salary boost for working in select schools. Changes to the 2009-10 teacher contract agreement, finalized last week, give Metro's 5,000 teachers more chances to earn extra pay, but do not include across-the-board salary increases. Erick Huth, president of the Metro Nashville Education Association, which negotiates the contract for the teachers, said a tight budget year made district-wide raises difficult. "In the absence of having a salary increase, we have a good package that allows a teacher to make more money if he or she chooses," Huth said. The contract increases the hourly wage for teachers who work beyond the school day from $17.61 to $25. This applies to teachers who sign up for tutoring or summer school programs. Teachers also can earn an extra day of pay if they choose to attend training courses after school or on weekends. Previous agreements allowed teachers five training days during school hours. Leaders believe the new contract will give teachers an incentive to stay in school and complete their training after hours, said June Keel, assistant superintendent for human resources. "Teachers are given these professional days, and if they take them, they are away from school and have a sub," she said. "And of course we want the teacher in the school." The contract also includes a 5 percent pay increase for schools identified in the district's rezoning plan and 10 training days for other schools deemed in need of extra resources.

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