Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank you Mayor Dean!..It's Christmas Time for District 29 and all of Southeast

Well District 29 residents, it looks like we are closer than ever before to getting community center facilities needed for our families and children in southeast Davidson. In the Message from Mayor Dean (see release to the left under Mayor Dean's picture), he has proposed in his Capital Spending Plan a new community center combined with a public health department to be located in southeast Davidson. How great is this! I will be getting more details about this endeavor in respects to location, timeline etc. as details are provided. But for now, it is MORE than just a dream and it's about time. This plan has vision for southeast Davidson. Metro parks will have the ability to purchase more park land. This is absolutely wonderful. A New Southeast Fire Station He has also proposed such needed services like a firestation in southeast Davidon. Certainly this will mean that our firefighers at Engine 33/35 will be getting a better living condition facilities. We are tired of them living in the ghetto type facility that they are in now. These are the women and men that put their lives on the line to save the lives of residents and their homes. And like the other newer fire halls maybe it too will have a community room. We will provide such input on the plans I pray.

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