Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nashville Mayor Unveils Possible Developments In Antioch

News Channel 5 NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Metro Mayor Karl Dean has major plans set for the southeast side of Davidson County. All the development to the fast growing area are apart of Dean's capital spending plan. "Keeping up with growth was pretty difficult, so now having a mayor on board that's listening to the needs of the community - that is so very important," said Metro Council member Vivian Wilhoite. Millions of dollars will be poured into the Antioch area to build a new fire house, police precinct and make up grades to several area schools. "What it means for Antioch and Hickory Hollow is the opportunity for us to cut the amount of work the South Precinct has to do now to a much smaller foot print, and that potentially gives them great opportunity to work with more business with the community and with the faith based community," said Metro police chief Ronal Serpas. On Wednesday NewsChannel 5 was the only news team allowed to tag along as Dean toured the area. Dean believed all of these changes will serve to enhance the quality of life for all in this area. "The southeast part of the county really has not had what it's needed for some time and we got that message and we're trying to catch up," said Dean. Dean said the area will also be getting a new combined community and health center targeted for those unable to afford health care and simple health resources. Before any of these plans and changes can be put in place the capital budget has to be approved by the city council. If the council approves many of those projects would get started this summer. To see the video:

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