Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nashville may add adult high school

Tennessean May 13, 2009 DAVIDSON COUNTY Metro Nashville Schools is considering a $1.1 million adult high school that would place dropouts and struggling students on a fast track to earning a high school diploma. The school would open next year and serve hundreds of students with morning, afternoon and evening classes. Students age 17-21 who have completed 10th grade could earn two course credits every eight weeks at two locations, tentatively planned for the Old Cockrill Building and Opry Mills Mall Career Center. The schools would replace some of the adult education services being offered at Cohn Adult High School, said school officials, and therefore would not be an additional cost. "This is a no-frills education," Register said. "This is get a diploma and graduate from high school for students who can't do a traditional high school routine." Students would be responsible for their own transportation and would have to earn the same number of credits and pass the same exams as traditional students, according to school officials. The board members will have to OK the school before it can open next year.

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