Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interest in home improvement classes grows

WKRN Channel 2 News The economy seems to be turning more homeowners into do-it-yourselfers. At Home Depot, the popularity of home repair classes is on the rise. "You know, you can do it, we can help," said David Comer, who manages the Home Depot in Brentwood. Comer is putting that motto into practice, more now than ever before. He is busy helping customers who are fixing up their house, instead of paying someone to do the work for them. "The goal is to show them how to do it, sell them a product and let them have fun," says Comer. The Home Depot offers free clinics on a variety of subjects from hanging dry wall to painting, cleaning, or tiling floors. "They start you from the very beginning and walk you through step-by-step how to do it," Comer said. Customer Michael Wright took the class to learn how to tile a kitchen and says he saved a few hundred dollars by doing the job on his own. "It was simple instructions anybody can do, hands on... They let us do the tile ourselves right there on the spot, a real good class," Wright said. By the time consumers finish a class, Comer says most are eager to plunge into a project. "There's a certain pride you take from doing it yourself, and you know, 'That's the floor I laid down,' and they really like that." In-store workshops are free and offered on weekends. For more information on the workshops and online classes available at your local Home Depot store, visit www.homedepotclinics.com.

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