Saturday, February 21, 2009

Breakdown of stimulus funds for Tennessee

This list includes the amounts the state would receive from the federal economic stimulus plan February 20, 2009 EDUCATIONK-12 Education, Elementary and Secondary Education ActGrants to LEAs $174,210,000School Improvement — Innovation and Improvement $50,386,000 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA—Part B—Special Education $229,486,000 IDEA—Part C—Early Intervention $6,677,000 Other education itemsEducation Technology $10,994,000 Education for the Homeless $669,000 School lunch equipment $1,985,000 PROGRAM BREAKDOWNMedicaid $1,100,000,000 Foster Care/Adoption Assistance $10,200,000 Highways and Bridges $572,701,000 Mass Transit Capital Grants $71,988,000 Fixed Guideway Modernization $28,000 Drinking Water $20,394,000 Clean Water $57,814,000 Underground Storage Tank Not determinedHazardous Waste Not determinedWeatherization $97,467,000 State Energy Program $59,065,000 Immunization $7,199,000 Elderly Nutrition $2,614,000 Child Care $41,932,000 Community Services Block Grant (GSBG) $19,699,000 Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) $2,069,000 FEMA—Emergency Food and Shelter $2,064,000 Vocational Rehabilitation $11,500,000 Home Investment Partnership Program $30,394,000 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant $49,518,000 Crime Victims Assistance $9,770,000 Internet Crimes Against Children $646,000 Violence Against Women $4,496,000 Unemployment InsuranceState Administration Grants $9,600,000 Workforce Investment Act—Adult $10,945,000 Workforce Investment Act—Youth $25,353,000 Dislocated Workers $19,777,000 Community Service for Older Americans $2,472,000 Employment Service $7,426,000 Head Start $13,775,000 Public Housing Capital Fund $80,710,000 CDBG and Neighborhood Revitalization Not determinedHomelessness Prevention $20,397,000 SOURCE: Federal Funds Information for States, a joint service of the National Governors Association and the National Conference of State Legislatures

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