Friday, January 9, 2009

Volunteering is a Great New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year District 29: I pray that this information finds you looking forward to a very positive New Year 2009! As you begin to initiate your New Year's resolution, please consider "Volunteering" as one of your resolutions. It has been said that volunteering ignites your social justice being and establishes a legacy of what you stand for. That's why volunteer work makes a difference. So, please, add to your list an effort or many efforts of making a difference through volunteer work. With that said, allow me to suggest volunteering in our Metro Public Schools. Below is vital Volunteering opportunity information provided by Bradley Rodmond of Metro Nashville Public Schools. Once again Happy New Year and Happy Volunteering, of course. Vivian Metro Nashville Public Schools Volunteer DatabaseWelcome to the MNPS Volunteer Database. This database has been developed as part of the Community School Partnership, a collaborative effort to bring community service providers together with public schools to effectively meet the needs of students and their families. Volunteers are encouraged to use this site to log their service hours. Community Service Providers can submit applications to provide services to individual schools or simply post the services they offer. Organizations can also submit applications to become PENCIL partners <> . School Principals and Volunteer Coordinators can review and approve any partnership applications that have been submitted to their school by logging into their school's account. Your account can also be used to post requests for services and supplies. In addition, schools may also search for needed services through the partner programs search <> page. Teachers can submit requests for classroom speakers and search for volunteers that have signed-up for the Speakers Bureau.Please volunteer and sign up at: <>


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