Friday, January 2, 2009

Early voting underway for English-First special election

Posted: Jan 2, 2009 08:40 AM CST WKRN NEWS Channel 2 Early voting in a special election to decide whether English should be Nashville's official language has begun. Metro Councilman Eric Crafton is behind the amendment that, if approved, would require all government communications, publications and meetings to be conducted in English with exceptions allowed for health and safety concerns. "The first three words of our constitution are, ‘We the people' and so we the people are taking back control of this government and making sure that they listen to what we have to say for a change," the longtime sponsor of the bill has said. Crafton gathered the thousands of voter signatures needed for the special election. Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has expressed that he is against the proposal. "If we're sending out a message that you can only communicate in one language, those Metro employees, no matter what language they can speak, can't use that language, then we are undermining our own economy," Mayor Dean said. Crafton said 20,000 people have signed petitions and sent mail supporting the amendment because it will unify Nashville under one language. Officials said the election will cost taxpayers $350,000. Voters wanting to vote early in the election should go to the Davidson County Election Commission, located at 800 Second Avenue South. Early voting ends January 17. Election Day is January 22.

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