Monday, December 1, 2008

Would-be robber's death justified, police say

WKRN Channel 2 news The shooting death of a would-be robber who entered a Nashville convenience store early Sunday morning has been ruled a justifiable homicide. Police said Jamie Sullivan, 37, entered the Mapco market at 2101 Murfreesboro Pike just before 2 a.m. Sunday wearing a mask and carrying a pistol. Eric Gordon, a uniformed security guard in the market at that time, told police Sullivan pointed his pistol at his head and threatened to kill him if he didn't surrender his holstered gun. As Sullivan moved to take Gordon's gun, a struggle ensued. Police said Gordon eventually drew his weapon and shot Sullivan one time in the face. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Sullivan is a repeat offender who has been charged by Metro police 146 times over the past 19 years. His gun was later discovered to be a BB pistol that closely resembled a real firearm. Gordon is a security guard for ASPI Services. He had stopped at the Mapco to buy gasoline, police said.


Anonymous said...

i thought that once a security guard is off duty he is to disarm of his gear therefor he should not have had is gun on him also i thought they were taught to not try and kill but try to restrain them from doing the wrong thing i also think he should have shot him somewhere else other than the face thats just my opinion.i also want to know if the shot was out pf fear or was he tring to shot him in the head

Anonymous said...

If he had a carry permit, he would be allowed to carry his gun ALL the time. And would YOU be thinking about just "restraining" someone when they are threatening to kill you? Obviously you have NO idea what you are talking about.