Friday, December 5, 2008

Truancy with a Gettiup!

While doing yet another great job of dealing with truancy at Antioch High School, the focus turned to a four legged friend. Good job Hermitage Precinct! Gratefully,Vivian Date: Thursday 12/4/2008 Precinct: Hermitage Detail: A-Shift, Flex Unit Major Event Information * Comments * Today, the Hermitage Flex A-Team started the shift focusing on truancy issues around Antioch High School (1900 Hobson Pk). Today's activity was rather slow around the high school. Three juveniles were charged with 4 misdemeanors during the shift. The charges and number of each are as follows: (2) Possession of tobacco products, (1) Loitering During School Hours, and (1) Driving on Suspended. While focusing on truancy issues, the team was detoured for a couple of hours when a citizen reported a horse was walking down the middle of Hobson Pk. Sure enough, there was a horse in the middle of the street and it took approximately an hour to wrangle the large mammal. In addition, it took an hour to find the owner after doing a door to door search. Nevertheless, the team did an outstanding job of taking care of this out of the ordinary situation. The team spent the last few hours of the shift in 523 zone due to increases in residential burglaries. While in this area, the team made a couple of stops, warnings, business checks, and community contacts. There were no other major events to report.

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