Monday, December 1, 2008

Davidson County crime log for Nov. 17-22, 2008

These are the most serious calls handled by the Metro police, listed by time, crime reported and address. Some reports may be unfounded. Police calls are listed by police precinct or town. When police cannot immediately determine the location of a crime, the address given is that of the police station or hospital where the crime was reported. Nov. 22 Donelson 8:44 a.m., nonresidential burglary, 2700 block Old Elm Hill Pike Hermitage 5:59 a.m., holdup/robbery, 500 block Murfreesboro Pike 3:55 p.m., residential burglary, 4100 block Andrew Jackson Parkway 8:17 p.m., holdup/robbery, 3900 block Central Pike 9:32 p.m., residential burglary, 1400 block Bridgecross Parkway 10:25 p.m., residential burglary, 100 block Brooke Castle Drive South 4:19 a.m., nonresidential burglary, 2700 block Murfreesboro Pike 11:32 a.m., residential burglary, 6400 block Sunnywood Drive Nov. 21 Antioch 5:25 p.m., residential burglary, 1300 block Hickory Highlands Drive Donelson 9:36 p.m., holdup/robbery, 2400 block Atrium Way Hermitage 12:42 a.m., kidnapping, 4500 block Andrew Jackson Parkway 7:21 a.m., residential burglary, 900 block Murfreesboro Pike 9:07 a.m., holdup/robbery, 1200 block Kermit Drive 1 p.m., kidnapping, 800 block Kipling Drive 6:23 p.m., holdup/robbery, 4600 block Lebanon Pike 7:01 p.m., rape, at Frist Boulevard Priest Lake 11:10 a.m., residential burglary, 3400 block Milbridge Drive 2:52 p.m., nonresidential burglary, 3600 block Anderson Road Nov. 20 Donelson 4:53 p.m., residential burglary, 8200 block Stewarts Ferry Parkway Hermitage 6:15 a.m., holdup/robbery, 300 block Old Lebanon Dirt Road 12:26 p.m., residential burglary, 5100 block Singing Hills Drive 2:02 p.m., nonresidential burglary, 200 block River Hills Drive 3:14 p.m., residential burglary, 1300 block Tulip Grove Road 4:31 p.m., residential burglary, 1700 block Stewarts Ferry Pike 7:23 p.m., kidnapping, 800 block Murfreesboro Pike Una 4:20 p.m., residential burglary, 2100 block Longhunter Lane Nov. 17 Hermitage 5:38 a.m., holdup/robbery, 200 block Hermitage Avenue


Kevin Barbieux said...

Wow, very telling - no crimes downtown, or potentially committed by homeless people. thanks for the update on crime - keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

The blog usually keeps up with the "District 29" community but, we can put the whole list out there if you would like.