Friday, November 14, 2008

Hermitage Police Officers Consistently Fight For Safer Schools

Hi District 29 Neighbors and Friends: Commander Richter's Hermitgate Flex A Unit continues to have great success in dealing with truancy and other offenses occurring at Antioch High School. The hard work and continous effort will surely change the mind set of the offenders and they will eventually get the message that we will not put up with these types and other similar activities at our schools. I believe that these efforts have decreased such activities at Antioch High School and I know, like you, look forward to seeing their success in their written data reports. Thank you Commander Richter, the officiers of the Hermitage Flex A Unit and to the staff of Antioch High School for their collaborative efforts to provide our children and families with a safe, learning environment. Keep up the good work! Read about their success below. Gratefully, Vivian Today the Hermitage Flex A-Team spent the first portion of the shift focusing on truancy issues at Antioch High School (1900 Hobson Pk). While focusing on truancy today, the A-Team was able to charge 11 individuals with 12 misdemeanor offenses. The types of charges and number of each are as follows: (10) Loitering During School Hours, (1) DL Required, and (1) Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Next, the team remained in 535 zone for the majority of the shift. This is currently a hot zone due to increases in residential burglaries. While in 535 zone, the team focused on traffic enforcement which yielded these results in addition to the truancy portion: 4 misdemeanors, 3 traffic arrests, 1 outstanding warrant arrest, 2 drug arrests, 1 business check, 1 Terry stop, and 1 community contact.

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