Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Needed Change on "Change for Charity" Program

In response to the many constituents that contacted NES and officials like me about the Change for Charity program that NES had planned to implement beginning January 1, 2009, NES CEO Decosta Jenkins has decided to defer implementaion of the program. NES was given the authority by legislative action to round up your NES electric bill to the next dollar. The difference between your actual bill and the amount that your bill was rounded up to would be used to provide help to our fellow Davidson county brothers and sisters. Helping out is a good thing. So what was the flaw with the program? Well, a customer would be an automatic participate in the program...unless, you call NES and opt out on the program. Therefore if you did not know about the rounding up, your silence implied that you wanted to participate. The folks that this program would help would also be required to have their bills rounded up...unless they opted out. Also another concerns that was raised by ratepayers regarding choice of organizations selected and of course that one should have the option to opt in on giving and not be required to opt out. Opponents of the how the program was being implemented very much liked the promotion of giving however, their concerns mostly with the requirement that they had to opt out if they did not want to participate otherwise they would automatically be included beginning January 1, 2009. It is unfortunate "Change for Charity" could not have been implemented as an opt in program. But we are thankful that leaders like Decosta Jenkins is listening. Thank you very much! Vivian

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