Tuesday, September 16, 2008

State to begin revoking licenses for overdue child support payments

More than 15,000 parents who are not paying child support face losing their driver’s, professional and/or recreational licenses if they don’t pay up soon. Letters from the Department of Human Services warning delinquent parents are being mailed now, informing parents that if they are behind at least $500 in their child support and haven't made a payment in more than 90 days, they could lose their licenses. More than 20,000 licenses could be revoked. Revocation letters have been sent to non-paying mothers and fathers in every county in Tennessee, covering more than 2,250 cases in Davidson County, 4,500 in Shelby County, 1,350 in Knox County and 1,150 in Hamilton County. At least 18,000 driver's licenses could be revoked. More than 400 professional licenses issued by the Departments of Commerce and Insurance, Health and Education are also at risk. About 1,200 hunting and fishing licenses will also be subject to revocation. There are currently 260,000 child support cases under court order in Tennessee. Of these, roughly 55 percent pay their court ordered support in a timely manner. —RACHEL STULTS (Tennessean)

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