Friday, August 8, 2008

Cole, Una elementary schools build new wings

By SUZANNE NORMAND BLACKWOOD and ANDY HUMBLES • August 8, 2008 (Tennessean) This fall, Cole Elementary School will start the school year off with new leadership and quite a few new faces in the classrooms. Chad High is the school's new principal. The school also has seven new faculty members. A new assistant principal has yet to be named. New faculty positions consist of two second-grade teachers; two special education teachers; one part-time guidance counselor; one part-time P.E. teacher; and a math specialist. Also, the school is undergoing a remodeling project that includes a new wing and improvements to the cafeteria and offices. "Hopefully, that will eliminate the majority of our portables," said High. Una Elementary School is undergoing a similar project. A new wing with 17 classrooms is under construction for an area in back of the gymnasium. A new computer lab also is opening adjacent to the library. It will have 25 stations. The school has hired an instructional specialist for the lab. Una's principal, Kay Shepard, hopes the new classrooms, which would replace 17 portable buildings, will be ready by next fall.

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