Monday, August 25, 2008

Antioch Shootout

The Citypaper August 25, 2008 Whatever’s in the water in Antioch made for an uncomfortable, yet entertaining, Metro Council meeting last week.Standing front and center in the controversial spotlight was Antioch Councilwoman Vivian Wilhoite, whose lengthy monologues have produced many an eye roll from her colleagues this Council term. It all started with Council considering the charter amendment resolution, stating members who serve less than two years finishing out a term can still run for re-election two more times. Wilhoite proposed an amendment to the resolution, which said it would not take effect until 2011, after the next election.That would have hurt five current members who have finished out terms, including Wilhoite’s fellow Antioch Councilman Robert Duvall. Rex’s Council sources say Wilhoite’s motivation was to make sure Duvall couldn’t serve an extra term. Turns out it didn’t matter what her motivation was, because the proposal was soundly defeated by Council.But the bickering didn’t end there. Antioch Council members Sam Coleman and Duane Dominy both took swipes at Wilhoite before the meeting was over.

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