Monday, July 28, 2008

Fed-Up Night Out Against Crime, August 5, 2008

August 5, 2008 we, Southeast Davidson, will host the community wide neighborhood FEDUP Night Out Against Crime. An initiative of the Mt. Zion Church, Brother Darrell Walker reinterates that this is a community initiative. We want everyone is to be involved and get involved. This is not a "My" event or a "Your" event. This is an "Our Community" event to show unity that we are and will continue to address the problems of teen violence and delinquency that is affecting "Our" community. I absolutely agree. What is FEDUP? FEDUP means Faithlessness, Educational impotence, Disempowered youth, lack of Unity in community and Parental isolation in dealing with family conflict. Violence and delinquency in our youth population appears to manifest in these factors which is the focus of the FEDUP Night Out Against Crime event. How Can You Help? Get fired up and ready to be apart of the solution. Once again, this is a community wide effort that is being put together by all of us, for all us, showing support and unity in our communty with the objective to address issues affecting our youth. So my blogger friends, your help is needed to make this event a grand success. 1. Spread the word about the August 5, 2008, FEDUP NIGHT OUT AGAINST CRIME. It begins at 5 pm. There will be community leaders speakers, such as Mayor Karl Dean and Judge Betty Adams Green and other area community leaders with resource offerings from area organizations coupled with music from local artists and school bands, food and ways that you can sign up to stay involved. One of the bigger highlights of this event will be the March of our community leaders and residences, expected to begin at the Ezell Harding School marching to the Hickory Hollow Mall. (A short walk to symbolize our unity for our community). 2. Please attend. When you come, bring at least one, no three friends, neighbors or family members with you. And finally, 3. Important! It is very important that you know that this is a community initiative not a "My" or "Me" initiative. Yes, Mt. Zion planted the seed, but we, the community, can impact the grown through our entire strength. This is an effort to bring EVERYONE together as a symbolism that we are working together to continue and strengthen community-wide collaboration to identify the causes of teen violence and delinquency in the Nashville Metro Area. District 29 is doing a great job to stay involved in our community. Let continue and do more. This is a great event. Whether you incorporate this event with your Night Out Against Crime event or participate in this event for a brief moment and also have your annual Night Out Against Crime, your participation is appreciated. Get excited! Stay Involved! Get Involved! Get FEDUP! More information to come! Gratefully,Vivian Vivian WilhoiteMetro Council, District 29Visit <> for up-to-date information in and around District 29. Committed to keeping you informed!589-2003/ .

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