Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zoo welcomes "not-so-giant" anteater

The Nashville Zoo recently welcomed its eighth giant anteater, which isn’t so giant as of yet.

Consuela was born on Mother’s Day to Emilia, a wild-caught giant anteater that came to the Nashville Zoo in 2002.

The Nashville Zoo has been involved in giant anteater conservation for 10 years and has the largest collection of anteaters in the country.

The off-exhibit breeding facility, where Consuela was born, is also the only anteater breeding facility in the U.S.Consuela and the zoo’s dozen other anteaters will make their public debut in a multimillion-dollar, 4.5-acre South American exhibit being designed by zoo president Rick Schwartz.“The exhibit will feature tapirs, giant otters, jaguars, jabiru storks, saki and howler monkeys as well as giant anteaters and other South American animals,” said Schwartz.

“When complete, the new exhibit will double the number of animal species exhibited at the zoo.” With an All Access Expedition Tour or a Back Stage Pass Tour, curious guests will have the chance to view Nashville Zoo’s anteaters before their official debut.Visit for more information on these special opportunities as well as anteater updates.

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