Sunday, June 15, 2008

Second Harvest in Need of Baby Items

Reported of WKRN (Channel 2 News) Second Harvest Food Bank is feeling the effects of the struggling economy. While donations are down and demand is up across the board, the need for items like baby formula is almost at its greatest in 11 years. Second Harvest has been forced to start rationing the small amount of baby formula they have left. Kelli Garrett, Second Harvest , said, "We used to be able to give out maybe three or four when we had more formula on hand but we've had to cut back on what we can give to those families." Garrett said what supply they currently now, will probably only last a few more months. Second Harvest said baby formula isn't one of the popular items to be donated, part of the reason being people who go to the grocery store and don't have kids don't go down the baby food isle. "It's very difficult for those families having to choose, do they feed their children or feed themselves, and who wants to make that decision," said Garrett. While Garrett said she never wants to turn people away, it could soon become a reality.

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